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The Well - Modern Chiropractic
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At The Well, health is a not a state of being but a goal that demands active participation and planning. This modern chiropractic clinic will guide asymptomatic individuals on the path to healthier living through periodic maintenance chiropractic, nutritional counseling, ergonomic review, education and community involvement. The goal for all patients is increasing the quality of life and liberating them from escalating health care cost, pharmaceutical agents, and medical dependency. Rupert RL et al reported that patients over 65 years of age receiving regular maintenance chiropractic care had 50% fewer visits to the medical provider. Coulter et al reported,

"Chiropractic users were less likely to have been hospitalized, less likely to have used a nursing home, more likely to report a better health status, more likely to exercise vigorously, and more likely to be mobile in the community. In addition, they were less likely to use prescription drugs."
The Well also uniquely positions itself as the authority on wellness care and preventative care. This is a shift in paradigm in health care—performing treatment when there is no illness or symptom. The Well endeavors to establish itself as the expert in alternative medicine, guiding patients as they explore different therapies, recommending the most efficacious and advising caution against more fringe techniques.

The Well believes in advanced personalized chiropractic care at an affordable price in contrast to "mill type" chiropractic clinics. Office visits will include total health assessment, nutritional analysis and lifestyle modification in addition to chiropractic treatments.

The presiding Doctor of Chiropractic, James Y. Wang DC, graduated from Palmer West first in his class for "clinical excellence." An avid researcher of current literature on scientific and alternative treatments, he seeks to cultivate a reputation as an authority in his field. He works with both medical and alternative specialists
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to coordinate the best plan of treatment for his patients. He recently finished a rotation at St. Luke's Hospital shadowing Dr. Lee Wolfer—top regional non-surgical specialist and Chief of the Spine Care Center at Kaiser Permanente in Richmond, California.
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